On coping with loss

Photo by Luis Galvez on Unsplash

The miracle of life lives on

long after our bodies are gone

Our essence lingers in the faint echo

consoling our loved ones wherever they go

Shielding their tender hearts from the pain

by whispering gently, “There’s no-one to blame.”

It’s the circle of life, takes from us family and friends

then a baby is born, and life’s rebirth begins

The sadness will lesson, never completely subside

We all know the heartbreak of a loved one who’s died

Time to sweeten our words and quicken our step

lose all the bitterness our whole life we’ve kept

When we start doing it right and learn to forgive

and spreading our love as long as we live

Then those on this rugged road should applaud

The moment life ends, and we stand before God

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