Sex, Hugs, and Rock ‘n Roll

A trio of tips, tricks, and insights intended for mature audiences

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Let’s start with sex! The good news and the bad.

We’ll get to the bad news first: (and the reason for the subtitle disclaimer)

The 1920’s dust bowl was nothing compared to the dry nether-regions and depression-prone zone of post-menopausal women. (i.e., mature)

Now for the good — -no, GREAT news:

It’s 2021, and there are countless, even obnoxious amounts of over-the-counter, moisturizing miracles. The hard part? (pun intended;) If you’re single, it’s finding someone worthy of your glorious goddess-ness.

Are you coupled up?

Get busy!

But first, keep reading.

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— —

Midlife finds many of us dragging around unwanted baggage accumulated over time, draining our energy and weighing us down. If this sounds like you, I’ve got great news!

If you’ve wanted to lose some weight, I’ve found a plan that works wonders! Plus, it’s simple, free, and will leave you energized and feeling fabulous!

The catch?

It’s not intended to trim your hips or tone your abs.

Instead, it removes the flabby fat of false beliefs about ourselves and others (I’m not good enough, they don’t care, etc.) and reduces resentment, regrets, and boosts happiness. All this without a single pill or push-up!

What is this magic potion?

Well, it’s simple and satisfies one of our most basic needs, which is the universal need to love and to be loved.

So what is it, you ask?

It’s a — -HUG.

While most people don’t think of hugs as the go-to method for weight loss, I can assure you from personal experience that an appropriate and loving hug can lighten the heaviest heart.

— -

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— —

I don’t know about you, but I could sleep until noon or later when I was in my teens. As I’ve gotten older, I don’t need as much rest — or so it seems. Maybe subconsciously, it’s understood that the older we get, the less time we have to “waste?”

“ Catch your dreams before they slip away / dying all the time / lose your dreams, and you will lose your mind.” -Rolling Stones.

In my world, living a meaningful, happy life is about wholeheartedly pursuing your dreams, hopefully, in service to others — no matter your age.

So there you have it—my three simple (tried and true) tips for thriving in midlife and beyond.

Long live: Sex, hugs, and rock ‘n roll!

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