“Fuck y’all” works perfectly for a person who until recently, lived her life trying to please others, even at the risk of giving up on what she wants most.

Boy, does this hit home for me! I too, endured a string of "therapists," some who needed a shrink worse than I did. lol Thankfully I found someone who, like your Laura, gave it to me straight up! Once when he asked how I was doing I mumbled "I'm fine." He grinned a great big Cheshire cat grin and asked if I knew what "fine" was? Turns out (according to him) it stands for F=ucked up I=insecure N=eurotic E=nvious :-) :-) Ha! I've never forgotten that! He also referred to himself as more of a "stretch" than a "shrink." :-)

Loved your essay! Glad you found your way! Here's to inspirational therapists and awesome storytellers! :-)