Confront them, and they run away.

Photo by Japheth Mast on Unsplash

Each day they met me at the corner of wake-up and wind-down

taunting me with fears and threats

to keep it all bound up inside

One day I flung the trap door open even though

I was scared

of bats and dragons and suicide bombers

and angry people in scooters trolling the aisles of All-mart

I was scared of dogs with eyes as big as their heads

and potted meat and predictability and of becoming

a bobble-head doll with wrinkles, batwing arms, and no stretch marks

I was scared of shrinking into oblivion, no-one noticing

and no-one to pass my apple pie recipe to

I was afraid of what lies beneath and what lies above

of reflecting and reflections

of weapons of mass destruction, spiders, and sinkholes

quicksand and quick fixes

I was scared of empty suitcases and houses

without a pulse

I was afraid of losing familiarity, old ghosts, new ghosts,

skeletons and witch hunts

Scared of holding it all in

and letting it all out

Fearful of finally letting go of the past

And wondering if I’d ever miss its gloomy face

I was afraid of fights and feelings

fevers and phony friends, rust, and wreckage

and raw emotions

and scared of wasps and whispers

and dark corners and tripping over words

and mangling memories

I was afraid of the boogeyman, nightcrawlers, nursing homes

and being so lost I would never find my way home

But when I summoned the strength to confront my fears

just like that, they disappeared

I turned the key and walked through the door

to my home sweet home, the place I’d never been before

Creative. Copywriter. Blooming blogger. Breathwork enthusiast. Ghostwriter. Bohemian soul. Comments and creative collaboration inquiries:

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