After reading this, I'm feeling very emotional--borderline tearful, but in a GOOD way. I've been a "rocker" as far back as I can remember. Growing up in a highly dysfunctional family, I rocked during the day; I rocked in the car on road trips and every. single. night. At the time, I didn't understand why I felt this compulsion, but now I understand it was/is a self-soothing antidote to anxiety. When I was first married, I rocked back and forth in bed. It didn't bother my hubs until one night (unbeknownst to me), I apparently was rocking so much I almost rocked him out of bed! He was my god-send and has Loved me through it all, so much so that I'm able to sleep peacefully without the rocking motion now. I still consider myself a "rocker," as I can't imagine life without a rocking chair! But it's enjoyable now, not driven by anxiety.

Thanks for a great article! :-)

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