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Alice Cunningham


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Ajo Sacha is an excellent example of a random ingredient in the word slaw that gets my creative juices flowing all over a page.

“What IS ajo sacha,” you may be asking, and what does it have to do with my mojo?

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The definition of Ajo Sacha is quite captivating indeed (description below). However, the actual meaning isn’t as important as the process.

Let me explain.

Finding myself stuck staring at a blank page, I used one of my lazy (but consistently effective) writer tricks: I randomly grabbed the nearest book (“Plant Spirit Shamanism”), opened it to an arbitrary page, and blindly pointed to a word, and voila, Ajo Sacha appeared when I opened my eyes!

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Ajo Sacha became my jumping-off point for writing — the first words of this essay.

I call this method “word-teflon,” as it’s an easy way to get creatively unstuck.

This trick seldom fails me.

If you find yourself glaring at a blank screen, unable to scrape the word-bits from your thinker to the page, try this “word-teflon” trick and let me know if it works for you!

By the way, as promised, here’s a partial definition of Ajo Sacha as described in the book:

“Ajo Sacha is a blood purifier that helps the body rid itself of toxins (spiritual or physical) as well as restoring strength and equilibrium lost through illness that has an effect on the blood. Physchospiritually, ajo sacha helps develop acuity of mind and can also take the user out of saladera (a run of bad luck, inertia, or a sense of not living life to the full).”

Thank you for reading.

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