On taking a leap of faith

If jumping from a bridge is not exciting enough, add an exotic locale, an elite distinction, and world-class hospitality. It all adds up to a mind-expanding, toe-curling experience of a lifetime and one I highly recommend for anyone seeking to free themselves from fear.

My journey began just days after a midlife birthday sent me on an extraordinary trip to South Africa with a small group of adventurers.

Our bungee jumping excursion was not on the original itinerary. However, once it became available, it sounded intriguing.

And scary.

Initially, my fear won out as I balked at the idea and…

3 Incredibly Effective Tips for Fast Relief.

Should I really make this the topic for my first blog post? Should I organize my desk before I begin? Should I make that Doctor appointment I’ve been putting off first? Should I stop procrastinating and get ON with it?

Well, should I?

That was my self-talk as I began writing this. You see, my mind operates like a compromised computer screen overrun with annoying personal “pop-ups” that scream SHOULD I?

Just as I’m about to be seduced by a tantalizing tale or a sublime sip of chardonnay at the end of a very long day, it happens: “SHOULD I…

Finding meaning and pleasure on the road to wholeness.

Have you ever wondered what you could do to increase your happiness?

My answer is to follow your M.A.P. which is an acronym for:

M=Meaning A=and P=Pleasure. Since meaning is meaningful and pleasure is pleasurable, people are often confused about balancing these two extremes.

They wonder how to incorporate both meaning AND pleasure into their daily lives.

Too much pleasure is called hedonism, and even though there’s a certain amount of short-term enjoyment, there’s usually a lot of pain involved. This enjoyment provides no lasting fulfillment because pleasure is about the present moment; and is often narcissistic.

On the other…

From a whole mess to wholeness

Have you ever been adrift in a sea of sadness feeling so lost you didn’t think you’d ever find your way home?

6-Word Photo Story Summer Challenge

We don’t know what we don’t know

What if life is just a dream, and when we die, we wake up?” -Dead Rose

Quite a concept, isn’t it?

Just imagine if it were true.

What would we wake up to find? Indeed, it could be nirvana, or, The Garden of Eden before that hussy handed her henpecked husband “the apple.”

Do I need a passport to go to New Mexico?

Having spent decades as a professional travel planner arranging trips for singles, couples, families, bucket-listers, newlyweds, groups, grandparents, business travelers, and tourists from all walks of life, I’ve learned a thing or two about expectations — realistic and borderline insane.

Most of the traveling public are courteous, consciousness, open-minded, and, when applicable, earnest in their pursuit of learning the local customs of their intended destination. They’re excited and ready to experience new frontiers, friendships, food, and making marvelous memories.

Then there are the others.

The good news and the great news.

First, the good news! If we’re fortunate to live to age 50 (which is considered midlife based on the assumption of making it to triple-digits), we are technically too old to die young!

Alice Cunningham

Creative. Copywriter. Blooming blogger. Breathwork enthusiast. Ghostwriter. Bohemian soul. Creative collaboration inquiries: Alicej@charter.net

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